This is MindSphere World

We celebrate the Internet of Things (IoT)

Something big is happening on a global scale - THE DIGITAL CHANGE - we are already in the middle of it and there is no way around it. Everyone is talking about the upcoming challenges, such as determining individual future benefits, the necessary change in mindset, disruptive technologies and new business models. But it seems that only a few are dealing with it and really making use of it. Why not being one of them?

MindSphere World is a global and independent user association

We are interdisciplinary and open to everyone who is interested in Internet of Things (IoT), whether it is companies, research or governmental institutions. We are catalyzing the IoT to shape the future of the digital economy. At that, nobody has all the answers – that’s why we have each other. And that is the power of many.

Community creates future

We help you create your future of IoT together with many other leading personalities from various backgrounds. By sharing vision and experience, driving innovation, and developing use cases.

Ecosystems nurture vital innovations

We create new ways to collaboration. Because traditional concepts no longer necessarily fit our needs. Our working groups focus on IoT, MindSphere and all relevant future topics and trends.

What’s in for you?

Bring your individual digitization case into our fast growing community, create the ecosystem that suits you and benefit from the jointly developed solutions. This collaboration on eye level creates value between those who seek solutions and those who can contribute to it. In these ecosystems we strengthen ourselves for the ever faster changing markets.

MindSphere World - the IoT Community since 2018

We have already moved many things forward. Be a part of our further upcoming journey. We are far from being at the end. In fact, we are just warming up.

Our committees and their work areas


Help shaping the future development of MindSphere!

The Technology Committee offers a prominent forum where platform requirements are being discussed and prioritized among the association members. You receive prompt, specific and binding feedback on these requirements from the MindSphere Product Management. You can’t get any closer in getting own specifications implemented.


Topics of discussion

  • Connectivity
  • Interoperability
  • Data ownership and data governance
  • Edge technology


Some non-MindSphere issues and trends are also discussed. The aim is to stay at the cutting edge of current and future technology fields.

Business Processes
The Business Processes Committee is dealing with typical business processes and how they operate with MindSphere. For example, new billing models such as pay-per-use, the challenges of data sharing and many other issues that will arise on individual digitization journeys.

MindSphere World has set itself the goal of driving the global expansion of IoT in general and the MindSphere ecosystem in specific. This for we are working on question like:

  • What kind of communication is required?
  • How can the necessary community be built and maintained?
  • How should an international cooperation with regional organisations be organised?
  • Which events are necessary to reach our target groups?
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