Applying leverage
– together for a strong IoT

We are certain: As an open, cloud-based IoT operating system, MindSphere is a key lever for advancing the digital transformation of the industry.

Work of the association

The association performs its work through its committees and work groups. The following committees are planned to begin with:

  • Technology
  • Business Processes
  • Marketing

The following topics are being discussed as potential work priorities:



In the Technology Committee, platform requirements will be discussed and prioritized among the association members. You will receive prompt, specific and binding feedback on these requirements from MindSphere Product Management. This committee offers the association members a prominent forum to help shape the future development of the platform.
Typical umbrella terms for content are connectivity and interoperability. Topics of discussion include the interfaces to be used and thus the interaction of different applications and components. In this respect, it is important first of all that the applications are developed in a modular way so that they are independent of the specific development versions of other applications and components. Second, care must be taken to define the interfaces in such a way that they remain open for future innovations.
Another typical work item pertains to the handling of data (data ownership and data governance, access to and use of data). With MindSphere today, the producer of data (e.g. production facility) generally can determine how it is used. On this subject, we will need to have a discussion about who else might be interested in using the data and what requirements that will entail for Mindsphere. For example, such an interested party could be a plant manufacturer that delivers a plant to the production facility. The plant manufacturer would now like to provide a maintenance service to the production facility. What functions must Mindsphere offer to ensure that the production facility can grant the plant manufacturer access to the necessary data as simply and transparently as possible? How can such access be monitored and also revoked or transferred if necessary, as when a different service partner is hired, for example?

Business Processes

The Business Processes Committee will primarily deal with how typical business processes operate with MindSphere, including (for example) the billing models that are typically available. In this regard, it must be remembered that decision paths in commercial enterprises are usually more complex and multi-layered.


MindSphere World has set itself the goal of driving the global expansion of the MindSphere ecosystem.
To achieve this goal, the Marketing Committee will address the following questions, among others:

  • How can MindSphere World promote the ecosystem surrounding MindSphere through communication?
  • What marketing materials should be produced for MindSphere World?
  • Through which channels should MindSphere World be marketed?
  • How should the international cooperation with regional organizations be organized?
  • What media should be used for marketing? How and to what extent can social media be used?
  • Which events and trade shows might be useful for MindSphere World? To what extent can MindSphere World participate in them?


We would be very pleased if you would like to learn more about our work, and of course we would especially like to welcome you as a member of one of our technical committees. See for yourself!

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